lørdag, september 22, 2007

Pizza for pizzanørder

Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe.

“This pizza is modeled after Patsy's on 117th street in NYC. I have been working on this for six years, but finally I can report that I have achieved my goal. Many people have tried my pie and swear it is not only the best pizza they've ever had, but a clone of the original Patsy's recipe.”

søndag, september 16, 2007

Web Urbanist

Parkour Urban culture, guerilla communication and alternative art: Web Urbanist

tirsdag, september 11, 2007


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Photo by lordmaster913 (public domain) Et vandfald og et hus:

lørdag, september 01, 2007

Apropos Mohamed

Återta rondellerna — rondellhund

Lars Vilks' blog